Tuesday, January 27, 2015

*&$#! Tweed Pants

I'm thinking of writing a book. A book about pants. The adventures of Jodi and THE PANTS. Something like that.

Seriously, I've always got some rant about pants, me n pants just don't mix all that well.  So these ones. YES they are one of the most expensive pairs I have ever bought. Got talked into it yes I did even though I know Jodi's fashions rules say "don't wear pants with front pleats" but I bought them anyway.  Why? Well, long legs, not floods.  High waisted, slimming for the waistline.  Dutch-made- high quality and very stylish.  All this and more.

So when I wear them I am too hot, itchy, all wrinkled looking and look like I have a puffed out stomach.  WTF.  Can you say sucker?  I know I should just stick to skirts but I keep trying...

How was YOUR Tuesday:)  ??


  1. Who was kind enough to talk you into something you knew you wouldn't like?

    I too normally hate pants. In fact I don't even own a pair of proper dress pants.

    Jeans however...jeans and I are BFF.

    You still look super classy in these if that helps : )


  2. I love to read rants. I'd buy your pants book. These trousers look exactly like a pair I bought and wore in the Seventies when gender-lines blurred a bit. They look better on you than me, but when isn't that true? :-)