Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Plain Jane working from Home

The days I work from home I'm highly productive. I'm up early anyway and if not training then I get to work right away (6am -ish).  My best ideas come during these early hours. I'm definitely a TEAM MORNINGS kinda gal.   It's also nice because there's no  need for make up any fancy hair.  It's just me and my two little fuzzy white helpers at home all day :)

What about you? Do you have a job that allows you to work from home occasionally? Are you more productive or more distracted when working from home?


  1. Hey! Come over here! Jodi's blogging up a storm. She posting, like, all the time!

    *pairs of eyes peering at computer screen* Yup, she's a postin'!

    Like you, I get up early. Often, I arise before my normal time because my mind is racing with ideas about work. I get out of bed and write them down. Our brains aren't machines; we can't turn them on and off; they work at their own speed. I frequently wake up with my best ideas.

    1. LOL I was thinking about you and the effort you put into blogging- that you arent just wearing your clothing that you spend the day wearing, you have to take time and energy to specifically put on makeup, create an outfit, photograph it and post. WOW. Now thats commitment and that I have had it that I dont have enough time to do it.. puts it into perspective a whole lot more thats for sure :) I knew you would be an early morning person!!