Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Rain Begins

And the rainy season begins.  I prepare myself for the next 4 months (at least) of rain!  I like fall weather but do get tired of constant rain. At least I don't live in Vancouver where its even worse!

Since we aren't training now and its only been 1 week since our ironman race, we have some time to do other things- walks in the park, yard work, thrift store shopping:), etc.  We went for a nice long walk this morning, stopped by our favorite coffee shop and then wandered home in a bit of an aimless fashion.  Very nice to relax!!   I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoons. Talk to you this week!!



  1. Glad you're getting time to relax. Enjoy!

  2. We need rain so much that I am jealous of your rainy season. Our drought lingers on.... Have a wonderful week, Jodi!