Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Tri of the Season

Okay, now that I am done my big race (ironman) for this season I will be back to wearing more interesting clothing and regular posting. Thats the plan anyway :)

On the jock side of things: the race I just did was one of the most grueling competitions I have ever done. We had extreme weather conditions - wind, hail and thunder. Many people could not even finish the race.  I placed 4th in my age category so I'm very pleased with that especially because no matter how well trained you are, you never know what elements you will be up against on race day. Thank goodness ME STRONG LIKE OX. hah hah

There are tons of awesome looking consignment and thrift stores in this little town we are staying in so I cant wait to check them out and see what I can find.

Thats the extent of my post for now, toodle doo and talk to ya later.


  1. You are my hero Jodi! I started weight training in July. Meet with a trainer once a week. Started right before I turned 60...women like you keep me going!! But, I do look forward to your stylish OOTD returning!