Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Planned Obsolescence

Good early morning! I am up and out early this morning and came into work for 7am to get stuff done since I'm not at the pool.  Its one of those days where I'll be at my desk all day so just grabbed something comfortable and have that "I don't care what I'm wearing" attitude.  Sitting at my desk all day requires something comfortable so this is one of the go-to's.

I have also made a pact with myself that I won't be buying anymore new clothes this summer since I have a closet full of stuff and really don't NEED more.  Instead I am investing in getting a new camera- woot woot!.  I think the key trick for clothing is buying items that are classic and timeless so they last and you always look fashionable- not like those people wearing shoes that are so obviously not in fashion (don't you LOVE that planned obsolescence (worth watching this little 3 min video).

Have a super day!!


  1. This is a great skirt on you!! So flattering and such a fun print. Love it!

  2. I agree with your shopping-strategy. Quality classic pieces last forever.