Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little Crash and Burn

Kids. Don't try this at home.  I am going against the rules here based on what the fashion bloggers layout as the way to keep a successful blog.  My photos don't match and my post is not about fashion. So there. I am not a real fashion blogger anyway :)

CRASH AND BURN. This weekend I started out competing in my first race of the season and I didn't make it past the swim.  Very disappointing indeed. What happened?  I swam about 50 m out and started having real breathing problems- as though someone was standing on my chest and I could only take really laboured, shallow breaths.  I had the choice of flagging down one of the kayakers on duty, or breast stroking the 1.9 km into shore. And of course, if you know me there was NO WAY I was getting a ride into shore!

Got to shore and walked up to transition barely able to breath. Sat down by my bike. Put my sunglasses on so no one could see me have my quick little cry.  Dried off. Packed up my stuff and luckily had a little pocket camera in the car so got to take photos of my teammates and cheer them on as they came across the finish line.  Of course each one of them was surprised to see me there all cleaned up and they asked what happened.  That's the worst thing- people ask because they care but then you have to either try to change the subject or tell your story again.

Anyway, I had my pity party and then pulled up my BIG GIRL BRITCHES and am focused on the next race coming up.  My coach told me its good to have a broken rear view mirror and I asked him what he was talking about. He said " if your rear view mirror is broken then you can't see what's behind you- you can only look ahead".  I think that was one of the highlights of the day- was hearing an analogy like that. Oh, and that fiance placed 3rd even after not being able to run for almost 8 months previous.  Amazing!!

Long post. Some unplugged Jodi thoughts. Welcome to my world :)
PS the last photo was taken to send to fiances' uncles in the UK-- they sent the sheep poo home for me as a gift so I wanted to send them a photo.  I cracked open the package to help me drown my sorrow :)


  1. Oh, so sorry about your experience. Glad it wasn't anything serious.

  2. I hope you are alright, Jodi and checking everything which may have caused the experience. But, maybe it happened so you could share this quote to encourage others. This is a really great quote and I am going to use it with my high school classes. Hang in are a true athlete and will return stronger.

  3. soryr about that. hope you're ok

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  4. Oh, no! I know how disappointed you must have been. But the advice you received was good -- we can't change the past, so focus on the future. You have wonderful achievements ahead of you. And, in context, the mere fact that you strive so hard for this exceptional fitness is an accomplishment in itself. The rest of us lazy bums sitting on the couch watching TV admire you.

    BTW, where can I get some "big girl britches"??