Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blue Day

Hello out in blogger land.  Me. Long lost me.  Must admit that daily outfit photography has taken back seat lately.  With the weather being so bad outside its not so attractive getting out there to take photos.  My best attempt at indoor photography done within minutes.  I'm liking blue these days. I disliked the color for years and am now realizing perhaps its a good color for me.  Not much else to report for now.
Hope you are all well.  My training has ramped up so hopefully I will start looking buff again soon :)

Over n out for today. xox J


  1. Again? "...buff again..."?! I was looking at your pictures, admiring your fitness and thinking "Boy, which of us wouldn't trade places with Jodi in a New York minute." You look terrific.

    And blue is an underappreciated color. It looks nice on you. I wear blue a lot, as both a boy and a girl, and think it compliments most of us.

  2. Blue suits you really well!

    I am with you - it is so hard to post more often due to the bad weather. Snowing here in Southern Germany... more time in the gym ;-)

    Lady of Style

  3. It's not a good color on you... it's an AMAZING color on you, plus those jeans fit really well :)