Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue Steel

Well hello there!! It just so happens I am wearing the scarf I showed you in my last post quite some time ago. This is the first time I wore it to work and everyone happened to comment on it before they even knew I made it. That's cool!!  I love these blue colors- not a color I am used to wearing.  I always stayed away from blue for some reason.

The weather here has been really rainy and not great for outdoor photos. I have been playing around with using my flash indoors and as you can tell-- I am not yet very good at it.  Anyway, that will not deter me!!

PS. what you do think of my pink manicure??  Its been over 2 weeks and its still lasted.. I have not chipped my nails.. usually I only last about 2 hours!! woo hooo

Hope all is well with you lovely fashionistas!!
xo Jodi


  1. Love that color pink on your nails. Blue is really your color. Lovely.

  2. Beautiful blues...and you did a wonderful job on the scarf...makes your eyes just pop off the screen!!

  3. In real life (i.e., boy clothes), blue is my favorite color. Blue looks great on you 'cause it works nicely with your eyes. Thanks for the facial closeup -- you're so darn cute it hurts. Oww!

    1. LOL yes my chiseled face and hidden bags under my eyes and double chin.. LOL