Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Article: Eating is now a Spectator Sport

In the absence of my daily outfit photos (apologies:), heres an interesting blog that chronicles different aspects of health and fitness, if anything you will get a laugh :)

Eating is Now a Spectators Sport: How do you Play? (by Charlotte)

A waitress friend of mine recently snapped a pic of an overweight patron’s meal. Why? So she could text it to several of her friends. Sure her customer’s meal was appalling – One of every appetizer? Yes, please – but even more so was the realization that now, more than ever, eating is a spectator sport. People feel they not only have a right to see what other people are eating but also to pass judgment on it. Even though we don’t... Read More on The Great Fitness Experiment


  1. I am attempting to have eating become LESS of a spectator sport in my life!! Jodi, I would love for you to entire my giveaway...I am giving one follower a gorgeous clutch and red coral necklace from Texas accessory designers..they are beautiful and I will give them to someone on Valentine's Day. I hope you can stop by and enter!!

  2. Man, if a waitress did that to me and I found out about it, I would feel free to run the check the next time I came in. But not without leaving a detailed note explaining the situation to her boss...

  3. As much as I agree that one of every appetizer is excessive and obesity is a major problem in America, not sure if the actions of the waitress are acceptable. Her job is to serve food, not ridicule those who obviously need help. Fitness and healthy eating is absolutely preferred, but everyone faces challenges/addictions in life. I love that show I Used to Be Fat. Because I like to see people who have weight problems overcome their demons and change their lives. Maybe she should watch that show to gain a different perspective on overweight people and realize it's usually not about the food and there is much involved when it comes to any eating problem (whether it be overeating or bulima/anorexia).