Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pink Coat

My  favorite days are when its cold so I can wear my pink coat. Well, I shouldn't lie.. cold days aren't my favorite but this coat is.  Casual day today at work so am wearing my skinny jeans and a plain black tunic underneath.. nothing special.  AND below are a few photos of things I saw along my walk to work this morning (borrowing from SHYBIKER'S "Things I saw today" series :). I have to take my camera in for a cleaning so you got a few snaps for extra viewing pleasure today.  Have a super weekend!!

Sights on the walk to  work:


  1. That coat is wonderful and I love the photos of what you saw this morning.

  2. Lovely things you saw today sweets!! I love a great coat too....just not the frigid weather that requires us to wear them, lol.

    So happy you are safe and back home....have a great weekend!

    A Blog of Life & Everything in Between!

  3. love the pink plaid
    i have a solid pink coat and it is just my favorite thing ever
    i know what you mean about not getting to wear it very often

  4. Your coat is marvelous - I can see why you enjoy wearing it. And I really enjoyed your "what I saw" photos too!

  5. What beautiful roses. I like the coat--especially the fact that's it's belted.

  6. Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful :). I love your coat, especially the belt. And is your scarf snake print? Beautiful pic of the roses too. Much needed image on such a cold January day.
    No More Sweatpants