Thursday, June 9, 2011

Office Attire

There I was. Lying on my back wearing a rubber suit looking up at the sky. Let me explain.  This morning, 6am. I swam 2 laps around the lake in my wetsuit. The times I floated on my back were pretty awesome.. looking up at the early morning sky. It was just me and the geese. Not another soul around.  And then of course I started thinking thoughts like " what if there is a lake monster down below",  "what if something jumps up and grabs my leg".. and then I picked it up and started swimming faster.... YEOOOWW get me out of here!!  LOL.  I love it when it warms up enough to do open water swimming and this morning was my first day!! What a great start to the day (minus the lake monsters, of course).

Please disregard the goggle marks under my eyes. This is what happens when I snap photos right after swimming!

And MR. $%%*^&& Blogger hasn't been kind to me the last few days, hence no posts. But I am back and I think he is going to cooperate. At least he had BETTER. OR. ELSE.  A divorce might be in the near future.

Have a good one fav blogger friends!! The peonies are blooming in my garden, can't get much better than that!!   xoxo Jodi


  1. I love the collar on your blouse!! how cool to start your day swimming the lake...that would be fun! Mr Blogger is really persnicky these days...many times he will not let me post comments on other sites...I just do not get why all the problems!! have a beautiful day....

  2. Cute! So sweet - the ruffles make me want to skip!

    Would love for you to pop by Little Miss Mama - The Tea is always on and Cupcakes are always served extra sweet!


  3. The lake here would be way too cold to swim in, wetsuit or not! I'd like to do more swimming because its always such a great workout!
    I never noticed your goggle marks!

  4. What goggle marks? I see none :) You look great as always Jodi, the bright blue is a fantastic colour on you.

  5. I like the shorts, and peonies smell amazing.

  6. What a great top! It reminds me of the red one I wore last week. We're fashion-sisters!

  7. You look so good in shorts...running or not. :)

    I had the exact same experience today: 5.30 in the morning, and there I was, running through the woods near my house, doing my miles before work. Not a soul around. Just me, a fox, and the forest monsters. At one point I was thinking, "what if someone is just waiting for me..there...behind the tree?" !!!! Next thing I knew, my surviving instincts kicked in, I picked up the pace and run like the wind! It was a great work out after all.

    So I guess you're right. It's scary how alike we are sometimes. Except the toe nails. I WISH to had such beautiful toe-nails. How do you do it?

  8. Heh - I hate swimming in water where I can't see the bottom for that exact reason. I have such an overactive imagination.

    You look fab in these shorts - I want to wear some to work, I just need to figure out the right styling. Love what you've done though.

    Also, your Bat Girl pose and my Running Through the Jungle pose? How hilariously similar are they! Again, great minds...

  9. thank you soo much my love!!! Means a lot to me!
    You look great!

    Would love to have you as my new follower!!

    Kisses from London Julia

  10. Cute outfit! I love those shorts!

    Lake monsters, haha, that's something I would think of! I went snorkeling in Mexico with hubby and when a bunch of fishies came by my legs I threw the tortillas they gave me to feed them as far as I could to get them away from me! I'm with you with not wanting surprises underwater! lol

  11. glad the lake monster didn't get you - enjoy your morning swims and be careful!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. making me smile just thinking about you thinking about lake monsters.

  13. love the ruffles on the shirt. You are so lucky you get to go swimming. It's too cold where I am for that...