Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Accountant

Heres my day. I have to meet with our accountant and a big executive meeting going on in our building so we basically all get the MEMO. Dress appropriately. Okay. According to who's definition?  So I dig through my spring clothes and pull out my pink shirt.  I pack my clothes, head out to teach my spin class first thing this morning.  Go to get dressed and realize a) I grabbed the wrong colored bra, b) my shirt smells musty.  Sigh. So all I can do is  get dressed and go to work straight from the gym. I smelt like a musty old granny today (in my opinion!!) and with a dark bra under a light shirt. LOL.  BUT my meeting with the accountant was really really good and I had an awesome day. Get home, have about 15 minutes to change and head out for my run workout.  Just for the record, I burned over 2,000 calories with both of my workouts today and my legs are SPENT. Nuthin left I tell ya!

This weekend we are doing our big annual ride. We ride 180km, spend the night in a nice little town and then turn around and ride home the next day. So, needless to say, I wont be posting anything this weekend!! Friend Friday tomorrow so this is it for my visit with you for the rest of this  week... will catch you all on Monday!!

Have a super weekend awesome friends, readers, fellow bloggeress's (and guys :)  Be good!! xoxo J


  1. The biking trip sounds like so much fun and your legs will be trembling by the time the weekend is over.

  2. I wish I could take your spin class! (though, I"m not sure I'm fit enough for it...I'm more of a "casual elliptical climber," heh) I love those high-waisted pants, btw.

  3. ...and I was thinkin' "what's she doing with the colored bra under the pink shirt?" :)))))
    You did the best you could and stayed cool. Good for you hon!

    180km???? Really. I am looking forward to my 20 minutes (!) run will be my 1st one after my sickness the last 2 weeks...can you imagine?
    You are my motivator right now, thank you! :)

    Have a spectacular weekend, enjoy the bike ride!!!!! (really sooo jealous)

  4. Funny. Perhaps subliminally you were rebelling against the dress appropriately memo with the dark bra. Rules are meant to be broken after all;)

  5. I guess a colored bra is better than no bra? There's always a bright side! I need to get me some exercise big time! My schedule stinks! Excuses, excuses. I need to walk during my breaks. You are motivating me to do something! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  6. The good news is that pink looks great on you!! Yesterday, I got you, in a hurry..and came to school in a semi-sheer skirt with no SLIP! I was horrified, so I sat at my desk most of the day and didn't move. When you teach teens, mistakes like this can reverberate across FACE BOOK in a heart beat...I feel your pain!

  7. This might be the first time I have seen you in pink
    It is a great color on you.
    Really brightens your rosy cheeks and cute little lips (okay, that sounds way more creepy than I meant it to sound)
    Have a great weekend

  8. I don't think I've EVER seen that pink shirt on you!! I love it!!!

  9. I like the pink and the bra mishap happens to us all, but you still had a great meeting. I believe that what counts and you look lovely!

    ps. Thank you for the advice on cutting back on my carbs. :)

  10. As soon as I saw your pics< i went whoa I can see her bra. I have done this before and all you can really do is just roll with it :) Good luck with the bike ride

  11. Ha! I had an awkward pause when I saw the first photo "Um... she's got a dark bra on under that blouse...should I tell her?". Then I read you're hilarious explanation. I'm with Erica... I think it's subliminal :-D
    Enjoy the bike ride! I'm hoping for a 3 mile run/walk at some point this weekend.

  12. Maybe the accountant enjoyed your top and bra pairing, and that's why it went so well. I kid, I kid. Pink looks great on you, and it sounds like your worked your butt off!
    My Heart Blogged

  13. It's me again! I hope you are back, safe and sound. Wanna play a little game? :)