Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lady with the Brown Pants

Never would I think I would complain about pants being too long. Well, with these ones, when I walk, my heel catches on the back and then gets caught in the hem!  Today am looking like a tree, all brown but thought I would pull out both the top and pants that I hardly wear and voila! Put them together.  You will also notice if you are so detail-inclined, that this is a new brown belt. Yes. I broke down and bought a different one.  I had another post, titled, The Lady with the Brown Belt, so this one is the Lady with the Brown Pants. Kindof like The Man with the Yellow Hat.

I will admit another secret to you as well.  Have any of you watched Dexter? Well, a friend told me about it (we don't have cable) so we rented the series.  I watched the first episode of season 1 and was totally grossed out. But, okay, I will give it another go and watched episode 2.  Well, now I am at Season 3 and totally hooked!! I love Dexter, as I did in Six Feet Under.  Yes its mindless entertainment but after coming home from work doing a hard workout and eating dinner all I want to do is veg out for a few minutes.  Okay so if any of you stop following me now I wont take it personally ( I am lying).!!

How's your day going? Do you feel fabulous in what you are wearing?? HOPE SO. And if NOT. Shame on You for wearing anything other!! :P

And just a random wave to my pal Shybiker!! Hope you're havin a good one!!

xoxo Jodi


  1. I like to buy my pants longer and get them hemmed at the dry cleaners...If I don't do that then I end up in the HIGH WATER looks! These are pretty pants...worth hanging on to!

  2. I love when you wear these brown pants....one of my most favs:)'

    You look great....love the wall:)

  3. I love this "Do you feel fabulous in what you are wearing?? HOPE SO. And if NOT. Shame on You for wearing anything other!! :P" That is so true!!

    These pants are amazing!

  4. Your pants may be too long but your legs look like they are going for miles! Fab photos today!

    And I LOVED Dexter until the end of season four, when the writers did something I won't forgive them for, and I've not watched it yet.

  5. I like that you added the little bit of blue in your necklace and the blue wall behind you really makes the brown pop
    Son2 watches Dexter and is telling me about it all the time

  6. The pants don't seem that long, but maybe it's the picture. Love the brown on brown with the hint of turquoise. Picture 3 is my fave, BEAUTIFUL post!

    ps. You have to let me know when you want to hang-out..lol

  7. Yes, I feel "fabulous" in what I am wearing. That probably doesn't sound as good as it should? Ha! Anyway, our "guilty pleasures" right now is Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire. Give'em a try.


  8. Sorry your pants are too long. I like your brown ensemble. The blouse is very pretty on you.
    My Heart Blogged

  9. *waving back* Hi Jodi!

    I love "Dexter" too. When I heard about the show, I avoided it, but watching it on DVDs hooked me. Now I've seen every episode. You have good taste in entertainment. :)

  10. You should have titled this "The Lady Who Has Got it Going On" cause you look fab! I like the turquoise jewelry too, looks good with brown

  11. Hi Jodi! Great to see you rock this outfit. I have one pair of brown pants that I will rock tomorrow! I started the 30X30 since yesterday! I got inspired!


  12. You are just darling!! And sadly, all of my pants are too long. Oh, the woes of being five feet tall.

    Anyhow, I really want to watch Dexter. I've heard nothing but rave reviews on the series.

    Hope your night is lovely,

  13. I really like all that brown together! You have such sweet delicate jewelry.

  14. You do not look like a tree - you look fabulous! I love the tweedy look of those pants and your jewelry is just perfect.

  15. I thought of The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I wore a black belt today but had to take it off. Note to self: buy belts that fit. You are my belt inspiration, you know that right?

    I watched the first episode of Dexter and that was all. I'm pretty wimpy. I did used to watch Dexter's Laboratory. That's a cartoon. I watched it as an adult.

    I hope you're not getting the downpour we're getting.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  16. I love how you mixed brown with pops of blue! Very cute:)

  17. I really like how you can rock a belt. Loving that final photo.

    As far as TV, I love Dexter, and I too had to work my way up to enjoying it. It will however never eclipes my love for Six Feet Under, the finale was floating around in my head for days, and none of my friends watched, so I had no one to "de-brief" with.

  18. I love the combination of brown and turquoise- you look great! I am obsessed with Dexter myself- can't wait for the new season to start!

  19. Great outfit. Though the photo of you getting up close and personal with a white splash of Lord Knows What on the wall made me a little nervous. :-)
    I love my outfit today. knee length denim skirt with a grey striped denim blazer and a long sleeved navy tee. My problem is my hair. It rained on my way back from lunch and now I look shabby from the neck up.

  20. Dexter is awesome! I love it. And even though people are giving mix reviews on the fourth season, I liked it! But I won't say a thing because it should be surprising.

  21. love the brown and brown together and the blue wall- lovely! and i'm with you, it would take a lot for me to complain about pants being too long!!


  22. I love all the browns and your new belt is fabulous. Love the third photo.

    I definitely like Dexter. The plots are getting increasingly ridiculous but I love the characters so much that I could never stop watching it. I'm on season 3 at the moment.

  23. I think you look fabulously chic. ^_~ It's monochromatic fabulousity. I love the printed shoe peeking out.

    I haven't seen any of Dexter yet though I've heard lots of rave reviews. I just finished Life on Mars (UK Version) and highly recommend it.

  24. I totally love this look on you!
    The tee, belt, trousers, something animal shoes, and beautiful accessories!
    Simple but never boring.
    And you just find the perfect spots for your pictures! Amazing. Always a joy visiting your blog.