Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remix 16: Green Skirt

Ello... (Thats how I imagine Emma would say Hello, with her nice UK accent)... Anyway, am thinking of you all, all my favorite and stylish friends out there. I feel abit lost without my regular visits to each of you. Work, as you know, has been really busy.. its that crazy time of the year anyway with crazy money around (people need to spend budgets before end of March).  I have also been in workshops and planning sessions for days at a time so when am I supposed to take my outfit photos?  Boy this is messing up my schedule, not to mention my blog!!!  

Yes and you can probably tell, I haven't exactly been as chirpy (happy) as usual, lately.  As you can see in the ATTITUDE photo! But did try a zoolander pose for you in the last photo!! and blogger went wonky and wouldnt center the photo???? WTF?

I need to post all the outfits I have worn but not shown yet.  Trust me, I am sticking to the 30 for 30 ladies, really I am!!!

Remix Items: green vintage skirt, black turtle neck, grey boots.
And I did get 3 compliments on my outfit yesterday so thats always nice!!!  2 more sleeps and its the weekend... I plan on relaxing (well, after all my killer workouts, that is!!) LOL

love ya and am thinking about you all!! have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!! xoxox J


  1. Ello, back to you too, hehe. Loving your green skirt, what a stunning colour, you have paired it beautifully with the grey boots + tights. LOVE! Best of luck with work. xx veronika

  2. I love this outfit on you. Your skirt is gorgeous and I love it paired with that black turtleneck and gray boots. Great attitude!

  3. That green skirt looks fantastic on you!

  4. Love that green skirt!It looks gorgeous on you!!

  5. Blue steel, Turn left!!! I love Zoolander!!!
    I hope work gets easier You look great despite it all :)

  6. Ha Ha Love the Zoolander pose!
    Hope things calm down for you soon

  7. Hello dollie.....loving the green skirt....and the attitude!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my EL Vintage Giveaway!!♥

  8. I would never have thought of green with gray but you make it look totally natural! Way to go! I want gray boots. and maybe a green skirt.

  9. I love grey with green and covet your grey boots everytime you wear them.

    And you're giving great 'face' in that last photo.


  10. Hey ladies oh I love you all. Am reporting live from my workshop shhhh don't tell them. And already got 2compliments on the outfit WHOA hot stuff. Lol

  11. Great outfit! Well thought through and put together; the skirt looks killer on you. Knock 'em dead today.

  12. Ello dahlin' from the windy UK. So amused to see how you think I sound. In my head you have an English accent when I read your blog so I am sure I would get a surprise if I ever heard you speak. Maybe we should both do a video so people can hear.

    Love your skirt and it looks wonderful with the boots. I love the rich green with the soft grey colour. Killer cheekbones in your Zoolander look.

    Hope work calms down for you soon. Miss ya.

  13. Love the blue steel pose. The green skirt looks nice on you.

  14. Love the green skirt. Beautiful color.

  15. If I would have saw you I would definitely complimented you. That green skirt looks great on you. Oh, and you do the zoolander pose flawlessly.
    My Heart Blogged

  16. I love your green skirt! I hope all of your big work issues are beginning to find resolutions!

  17. Loving the green skirt again! Sorry things are stressful - I hate that stressful days at work for me can effect everything, including my blog. That is life, si? At least the weather is nicer down this way...that has to count for something!

  18. Oh I know babe, same thing for us.. all the activities and spending before the end of the fiscal year!

    The skirt and the grass makes me laugh! Wait, how come you got such lush green right now Pretty Woman?

    p.s. What hotel are you staying at?



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