Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Post: Miranda on how where you live influences your style

I am part of Ashleys Guest Post Group and this month am partnered with Miranda of In D.C. Fashion to swap posts, how exciting!!! (pssst, you can go over and read my interview at Mirandas)

Introducing Miranda!!!
Hello to all of Jodi's readers! I'm delighted to be participating in my first guest post. We are experimenting with Ashley’s Guest Group from Two Eyes in the Mirror .

We decided to talk about our personal styles. I find that the older I get the more my style develops, which I would have never imagined when I was 20. Back then I really dreaded getting "old". I've learned to
embrace getting older because as I mature so does my style.
I moved to our Nations Capital around four years ago. When I first moved here I was completely in over my head when it came to style. Have you ever heard of Vineyard Vines? Yeah, neither had I. When I
moved here I thought city style meant all black; a black pencil skirt, black pointy toe boots, a big black bag and big dark sunglasses were my idea of style. I think I had D.C. confused with N.Y. I took the whole Chanel, city girl thing a little too far.

Recently, as you will see if you visit my blog, I have dedicated 2011 to developing my style. It's a work in process and I'm having a fun time doing it.

Right now I'm being inspired by the blog world, my inner self  (whatever that means) and the city around me.
D.C. is an interesting place and much like me it's in the process of developing its own style and personality. Recently with the attention being paid to Michelle Obama's style and various reality TV shows being filmed here, D.C. has began to mature as a fashion city, which is so cool to be a part of.
D.C. style is hipster in some neighborhoods, but mostly is conservative, business and preppy. I'm striving to all of these looks and throw in a vintage lady-like flare.
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love finding new reads! 
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  1. This is such an interesting topic as I think my style definitely changed when I moved to the East Coast! In fact, when I went home this past winter break, one of my friends commented that I was wearing combat-style boots like 'the girls in NY'! I really like the last two outfits pictured and how you are trying to mix all the DC styles into your life :D

    star-crossed smile

  2. Nothing is more interesting than the unique style we develop as individuals. Yours is influenced by the combination of personal and environmental factors you mention. I like how you're pulling it together. Great idea for a post!

  3. I've lived in the same metro area all my life, though there is a certain city that may get my heart in the future. I live in the south but in the city, where people are riskier with their fashion, and I love it. Everyone looks different, so I guess I feel freer to dress however I want, depending on how the mood strikes.

    I am in LOVE with your hair. I love the whole top-of-the-head bun thing but haven't mastered it yet! Any tips?

    the narcissists' diary / the closet narcissist

  4. Ah! Topknot. That's the term I was trying to think of. haha

  5. Thanks for the comments, they are great and very interesting to read!


  6. such a fun post! style evolution is awesome :) love the patterns here!