Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovely Ladies: Shannon

This dress is  a departure from what I normally wear, and yet I feel completely myself in it. I bought it on a whim one day when I was feeling particularly young and vivacious, and every time I slip into it the feeling returns. The hot pink colour works well with my pale, cool skin, the cowl neck is flattering without being overtly va-va-voom, and the sleeves are great for disguising my upper arms without completely covering up.

I naturally have narrow hips and not much of a waist, so the shape-enhancing wide belt really works for me. I swapped out a slightly narrower, plainer belt for this one because the extra half-inch of width and the faux-gator buckle add just a bit more finesse.

I have worn this dress with jeans for a casual date, though I almost always wear it with light leggings. I once tried to wear it on its own, but quickly realised that it's just too short for me not to be self-conscious. And who wants that in an otherwise great outfit?

For fall and winter I love pairing my high boots with the dress and long leggings, though in the spring and summer it looks great with black wedge slides and knee length leggings. 

There's a part of me that likes to hide out in life - to sit in the back of the room and try to blend in. To wear black and slouch a little. This dress doesn't allow any of that. Putting this dress on calls me to stand up straight, smile my most dazzling smile, and take life on.    You can always come and visit me over at my blog: Shan's Smiles & Winks.

Photoshoot compliments of Jodi :)

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  1. Shes gorgeous...and I LOVE her outfit..such a gorgeous color.....and Im so ANTI hiding out and blending in with the crowd, right Jodi?? lol

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  2. That dress looks great on you, I really like the detailing on the hem too. Perfect colour :)

  3. Wow! I feel famous or something. *blushing*

  4. Ooo I really really like this dress. The color is so fun and the shape is perfect for all occasions. Love love love :0)

  5. Never hide your beautiful and look great in PINK which means you were made to stand out!