Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Outfit: Endings become Beginnings

Do you know that I have a husband?  He is my secret older husband.  His name is Wayne Dyer.  He might not know that he is my secret husband, but I know it so that's all that matters :). I love him. He rocks if you ask me. When I went for my run this morning I was listening to "Change your thoughts, Change your life" and the part I really liked was the 16th verse and it talks all about every ending is a beginning. It was a good reminder of when something happens and you are attached to it looking a certain way, that really, it is just the opening for something new.  That's what fall reminds me of. Change, transformation. Something new.  SO, time to pull out the ol leather skirt and have the courage to wear it to work today.  Not something I would normally wear to work.  It doesn't look to bad does it?  We will see.  Will I get rolled eyes?  Will people not even look at me?  I am going for 1 compliment.  Lets see how I do!  3 people came out of their houses this morning to ask me what I was  doing. Like I was taking candid shots into their living rooms or something. PULLLEEEAASE!

I am so excited.  WHO is going to win the earrings?  Oh boy, I can hardly wait.  Can I enter??  lol I am too excited!!

Don't forget to enter if you haven't already or you don't know about it.  Find out more BETHANY JANE DESIGNS GIVEAWAY  (They are really cute earrings!!).  Go check it out now, NOW I say :)


  1. HI doll....I love your outfit....I think the leather looks fabulous on you....the scarf in the top pic makes the whole outfit in my opinion:)

    I want the earrings!!! STAT

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. The leather skirt looks great. I love all the colours you're wearing today...together. I wouldn't have paired purple with green. And you just reminded me that I found a sweater slightly lighter than the one you're wearing and I didn't buy it. I think I'll go back for it. I quite like that colour and it looks smashing on me. I don't however, nor likely will ever, have a leather skirt. Nope. Not gonna do it. But on you, looks fabulous! And have you gone for a consult for your hair yet? Don't go back to your regular hairdresser! Go to a new one...GO TO MINE! And get a free consult and see what he might do differently. Sometimes that's all it takes for inspiration. Although it's super cute how you have it today!

  3. Ahh you will get compliments on your skirt! It's a great leather skirt, not too short and not too tight :) Those people in their houses, likely just curious as to what you were doing (that or they were making sure you were scoping out their place to rob them hehe)

  4. That skirt looks great. I'm sure you'll get more than one compliment :)

  5. still people aren't really even looking at me at work.. they are weird. They don't work with my organization anyway. Maybe if I jump up and down and wave my arms.. hah hah

  6. whoa breakin out the leather :) You are looking hot

  7. Dang I knew I needed to buy that leather skirt last week but I chickened ...You look awesome ! And you have a secret husband : interesting ! George (Clooney of course !) isn't aware of it but it's our 10 year anniversary tomorrow ....
    I think you need to wear the colored tights again to have people from work looking at you. My teal tights worked absolutely properly last week to generate a passionate conversation ....Sigh !
    If you come to Montreal : coffee and shopping meeting it is !

    Caro xxx

  8. Ha ha okay you and my mum have to meet! You guys are soooo much a like, she listens to Wayne Dyer, and many other spiritual people as well! Ha-

    Did I mention she is as cool as you ;)

    How did you get the first picture like that?! I love it! -And yay!!!! For your photography class! I just learned more about aperture and shutter speeds.. I am just so excited! Everytime I get out of a class I just HAVE to go home and test out my camera! If only we lived closer, you could teach me, and I could teach you ;)

  9. great outfit! i love the layers and it's perfect for fall. lovely blog you have!

    love, M

  10. I think the leather skirt is hot!! I can't wait to hear what all your co-workers have to say. is it pretty conservative at your job??
    It is so funny bc everytiime we are shooting my pics people always stop and stare like they have never seen anyone take pics before!!
    People are FUNNY!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Oh yeah, I like those boots too with the skirt!!


  11. Love the mix here! And LOVE the leather skirt.

  12. I love the denim jacket with the leather skirt...totally cute!!
    I'm thinking a leather mini might get you eye rolls...but this one shouldn''s very classy!

  13. I'll give you a much deserved compliment! You looked fantastic in your leather skirt AND when they are worn in such a classy manner they are ALWAYS appropriate at work. I wish more women, my wife included, had the same courage.