Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lovely Ladies: Rita

My favorite colour in the whole world (besides black) is pink.  All shades of pink, all contrasts having to do with pink.  I have pink sweaters, pink t-shirts, pink socks, pink scarves, pink undies (tee hee) and even pink shoes.  5 pairs to be exact.  I don't tend to wear them all the time, and sometimes I can go days without wearing the colour pink at all...but I love it.

My sister asked me awhile back, "why pink?" and I think because it is such a girly colour.  It has a "softness" in any shade.  It speaks "girl" to me.  I spent so much of my early adult life hiding behind big sweats and dark colours that when I finally emerged as this "butterfly" I found I actually liked being a girl.  I wanted people to see me as soft and strong at the same time.  That might be why I started wearing pink..but it's not why I continue to wear it.  The sweater in this photo is one of my new favorites.  It looks great on me, and works well with my skin tone.  It's bright and it makes me smile when I see myself in the mirror.  The more I smile at myself, the more I smile at the world and the more the world
 smiles back.  That's reason enough for me.

As for the is one of my favorites.  I bought it on a flight from London to Vancouver, somewhere over Greenland to be specific from the duty free.  It spoke to me like only one other necklace has.  The fact that it says "dreams come true, forever" on it, that's my slogan for life.  And I figured if "they" put it on a necklace, I could certainly wear it proudly...although I think that slogan would look pretty darn great on a pink t-shirt too.

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  1. Heyyyy I thought you were gonna send this to me first?'s great. and let's face does look damn good on me. xoox