Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily Outfit : I match my bike

Today I had to ride my race bike up to the bike shop to get some adjustments to it.  I must mention that I LOVE my bike-- it is the bestest bike in the world, and following Rita's love of pink, my bike has pink on it as well!!

I had to wear something I could ride my bike in and the easiest option was walking shorts. While I should have been excited, I was rather frustrated this morning- let me tell you why.  I have about 4 pairs of cute walking shorts and when I tried them all on, they were WAY too baggy in the hips and butt.  Losing weight means that pants and shorts don't fit the same.  I ended up going with the black ones and using a belt that is even too big and grabbing my pair of Shoppers Drug Mart flip flops.  So girls, beware- this one is nothin fancy- but in the end, I actually match my bike (shear coincidence).

Look at MS Grouchy-face.  A bit of an aggressive model 'pout'...good thing I am my own photographer!!

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