Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily Outfit: Some leg

Home from swimming, breakfast and head down to the old industrial area for some photos. I got the scarf/belt idea from Sal, who always has great scarves.  I am realizing that the key to Funk is accessories.  I also just saw a post by YouLookFab about summers big messy scarf so time to pull out my bag of scarves and get busy coming up with ideas- just like a magician or something. If you happen to be wondering how to tie all these scarfs check out the tutorial on Fashion for Nerds.  So many fashion ideas, such little time.

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  1. hi,

    shopping in SF is fun!!

    if you go to Union Square, pretty much any store you are looking for will be within 1/2 mile radius of you.

    Also, a huge shopping mall, Westfield shopping mall, is close by too. I'm not a big fan of large malls, but the Nordstrom's in that mall is great for shoes.

    Also, if you go Haight street, there are lots of really neat stores for browsing, and Fluevog is there. I love their unique style.