Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Blue Sleeveless

One photo turned out today. For some reason the rest were blurry.  I had to drive today so could wear a pencil skirt.  Lots going on lately, very busy at work, we are moving into a new building with a very short timeline for the move so we suddenly have to go through all our old documents and purge a bunch of stuff. All this on top of the regular workload.  Then at home we are replacing all the gutters on the house and studio as well as repainting the whole outside.  The garden is growing like a monster and we have so many cabbages even the neighbors are turning down the offer of free cabbage (they've already all gotten some once before :)

I LOVE this time of year, the hot weather, having sun makes me feel so alive and healthy. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  Off for a nice hike this weekend with a friend I haven't caught up with for ages so am really looking forward to that.

I also went to see a nutritionist today and was very excited about seeing her and what will come out of that. I'm always interested in learning more about how to be even more healthy and changing things up abit.  Will share more with you as I go.  Hope you are all well!!


  1. Glad you're enjoying Summer and your life. This photo is stunning. You wear clothes the way every woman in the world wishes she could (including me). Amazing.

    1. Aww you are always so kind, love your visits:)