Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The 80's called...

When I was getting dressed for some reason my inside voice said " The 80's called.  They want their outfit back..."  I wore short dresses with leggings and these kind of shoes back in the 80's. Yes I am dating myself but I'm sure you can tell I'm that old by my character-building wrinkles and lines anyway.. hah hah.  I was in the office working on a proposal all day and wanted to be comfy so this was the outfit. YES I can even ride my bike in these shoes.  Went for a fantastic 2 hour trail run before work this morning. What a beautiful way to get the day going. Peaceful. Fresh, clean, crisp air. Birds chirping.

Hope you are having a super day today.  I'll be by to visit shortly :)


  1. I'm all for the 80's and love this combo! Plus, I can never say no to leggings & a cute dress pairing, I wear it all the time. Looking gorgeous, lovey!! xo

  2. This doesn't look 80s to me at all - the dress is a much more modern cut, for one. I love the bit of colour from the shoes. Great outfit, Jodi!