Monday, March 14, 2016

New Duds

Well hello! Its been awhile. I was away on my annual trip with my family. Yes, we went to Mexico. Was nice to get away from the grey and rain and have 2 weeks of sun and adventure!  I even broke out and bought a vacation hat rather than wearing my trucker ball cap :)

I got back to look forward to a long awaited shopping trip with none other than Sheila from Ephemera.
We met back in July at the bloggers meet up in Vancouver and her and I and Ally from Shybiker hit it off right away.  Sheila has such awesome style I had to see if she would take me out shopping some time.  Yesterday we battled the wind warnings and torrential downpour and spent several hours together.

I purchased some things I likely would never have even noticed on the racks! So fun and I'm excited to wear some of these new finds!

I almost put this one back. Will be curious to see what you all think :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  I came with a skinny purple belt (yeah, purple) and Sheila also kept reminding me its not up to someone else to tell me where my waist is :)  That should be a trademarked Sheila quote :)

Same thing, I don't know that I would have seen this on my own and am excited to wear it once it gets warmer around here (better happen soon!)

I also learned some awesome tips about label reading, feeling fabrics, slips and much more which was totally educational for me.

Ally, we also agreed that you need to get your butt up here and visit so the 3 of us can get out and have some fun shopping and visiting.  Come on. We are waiting :0

Thanks again to Sheila for the great time together.  Can't wait to do it again! She also bought some fun items I can't wait to see soon!!


  1. I LOVE that raincoat and will buy it off you if you decide you don't want it (I have an orange one that I'm not so enamoured with any more). It's fabulous! You got some great dresses!

    Yes, Ally, you have to come up here so that we can all hang out! I will totally throw a party for you!

  2. What beautiful pieces! I can see Sheila's good influence. That girl knows clothes like nobody I know. And you'll look wonderful in these. Glad to hear about your family vacation. You look good in hats.

  3. I have shopped with Sheila and she knows a LOT about fit, fabric and style...your new garments look fabulous.
    The coat will be a key piece for Spring.

  4. How fun! You did so well shopping! I bet all of those are fantastic for you.

    Nice that you got away. Love the hat.


  5. I LOVE that dress and the coat? Can you share where you got them? I live in Victoria and need some new places to check out.

  6. I really enjoy your blog but wonder why you don't share would really add to the content. Especially for us locals!

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