Monday, October 5, 2015

Cougar in Town

I got up, got dressed, had a small snack and ready to run for 6am.
The plan was to test out my new HOKA Stinson Trail Shoes.

 These shoes are made for ultra runners and I've gone through so many pairs of them. They feel like air.. like running on air. Even when I'm running across boulders, tree roots and slippery stream beds.
I'm doing my 7th 50 km trail run this year this coming weekend and can't wait.  Nothing like running through the forest with purple air on your feet :)

BUT I didn't end up going running this morning. WHY you may ask. Well, luckily I checked my email before I went because I saw the warning that there was  cougar in our area. The last sighting was only 2 blocks from our house. This is VERY unusual.
Instead I got ready and went to work early.

I really really really need to meet up with Sheila of Ephemera sometime soon.  We're going to go shopping so she can help me find some funky clothes. I can hardly wait. So tired of looking so blah lately!!

OH. And after I got to work we found out they found the cougar behind an apartment building and tranquilized it. So glad. I was worried they may harm it worse than that. Bye bye cougar.


  1. Whew! Glad you didn't have an encounter with that wild animal. Could have been unpleasant. I'm glad the animal wasn't hurt either. Interesting info about your running shoes. If anyone knows what it takes for those, you do.

  2. Cougars in Victoria are a thing aren't they? When I lived there a woman was attacked and a few dogs were eaten.

    I might need to try those shoes.


  3. I was relieved to hear they got the cougar and relocated it. I have met Sheila several times and we did a shop at Value Village one evening and we scooped some fabulous clothes. Good that you didn't go for your run and put yourself in harms way. Enjoy your week!

  4. Oh man. I was holding my breath until the end of your post; I'm always afraid wild animals in these situations are going to end up being euthanized through no fault of their own. Anyway, hopefully it can adapt to a new home where it won't be in danger from humans, and you can go running on purple air without fear of a mauling. Win-win!