Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Broken Button

Welcome to the mess of our "under construction" back yard. We're digging the perimeter drainage right now so everything is torn apart and its only put a 1 year delay on my big landscape design project.  Here we got a quote to get the work done and it was $12,000-$14,000 to pay someone else to do it.  OR we do all the hard digging work and pouring additional concrete etc and then hire someone to come and only lay the new pipe for $2,000.  BIG difference. SO the whole yard has been a massive ditch with broken pipe and piles of dirt and chunks of broken pavement all over it.  WELL, this also meant I didnt have to mow the lawn all summer. There is almost no lawn showing.

Full on brown outfit today. Brown tweed capris with brown short sleeve turtle neck and my favorite brown boots. Today is DAY 1 of boot season for me. I finally caved and acknowledged that fall is fully here.

I bought this jacket a few weeks ago and have worn it about 3 times.  Then realize one of the buttons has not just fallen off but it BROKE off. The string is all still there and a small piece of button.  HOW annoying that they didnt include a few extra buttons with the jacket.  The store also won't let me exchange it because it was on sale.  Now I'm on a hunt to find a  replacement button or full on replacement buttons for the whole thing.  Makes me feel abit like Martha Stewart.

What would you do if you lost just 1 button in the middle part of your jacket?


  1. If you plan on staying a while, the backyard improvement will yield satisfaction in the future; you'll forget this temporary condition. Losing a button is annoying; for a special piece, it makes sense to replace the button or, if necessary, all of them. Buttons are the easiest thing to fix.

  2. I would take either the bottom button off and move it, or the top button, depending on which one you will button up the least. Or snag a button off another jacket.

    Good luck with the yard work (this is why I don't own a house!).

  3. Thats a massive undertaking but it will be so worth it when the rains come fast and furious.
    I'd probably take the top button of and move it to the missing button's place...I wear scarves and rarely do the top button up. Or you can source all new buttons and replace them all.

  4. I am trying to catch up on all of your cute outfits. Just a note: gray cat hair is a disaster on black clothes too. I am friends with the lint brush. I would replace all of the buttons on the jacket because sewing on buttons is not difficult and I cannot stand things being lopsided or mismatched unless I want them that way and then I can stand it. I've been through the perimeter drain experience. Nasty but worth it! Enjoy your vacation!