Tuesday, July 14, 2015

That Skirt

I've altered this skirt like 3 times now.  Hemmed it.  Narrowed the sides of it.  Taken in the waist.  I think it even started as a skirt for someone petite which I am clearly NOT.  Anyway, its another of those skirts that I can only really wear when I drive to work or a meeting because its abit hard to ride my bike with it on.  Today I had some meetings with some of our partner agencies so I broke out the pencil skirt. It kindof reminds me of old retro patterns.

I always find it quite fascinating seeing myself objectively through these photos.  What about you? What's it like for you when you review photos of yourself? What are your reactions and thoughts?


  1. I like the skirt's color and print. Its shape is a little indistinct. I know what you mean about wearing it on two wheels. I face that when I wear skirts on my motorcycle. :-)

    I was having dinner last night and found myself gushing about the prospect of meeting you and hanging out for a while. I couldn't conceal my excitement!

  2. I'm also counting down the days... woot woot!!