Monday, June 8, 2015

Going for Sleek

A quick throw together outfit that I quite like. I just bought this black skirt with the faux leather waist/hip band and paired it with a black t-shirt.  And what do you think of my new neutral sandals? These shoes are SO comfy even though the heel is high.  Shoddy photography today though as I have the power cord showing in the background. Oh how can you tell I'm not a details person??? hah hah

Did 2 amazing trail runs this weekend and got lots of mileage in on new trails. Oh I love  trail running SO MUCH!!

Hope you all had a super weekend!!


  1. Love the whole look.

    I've been sending you emails trying to get some info from you for the 40+ blogger meet-up. Can you contact me?


  2. Wow. Love the waist-band and shoes.