Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gangsta Chain

I'm seriously having a fashion crisis. Everything I put on these days just feels wrong. If a fairy godmother came along and granted me a a few wishes one of them would be a completely new wardrobe starting from scratch.  Sometimes I think I get limited by what I have and how I know to wear it and I can't see past that. Meaning, its outside of my realm of knowingness on how to mix items with something else.

All I want to do lately is wear my baggy comfy jeans, my favorite sugoi hoodie and my pink nike frees.   Maybe I'll work from home tomorrow so I can do just that!

What are your comfort go-to clothes?


  1. Definitely gangsta outfit.

    If you're really serious about explore new fashion territory, you could open yourself up to suggestions from trusted friends. Some of their ideas might appeal to you. I find sources outside my mind are frequently fertile.

  2. We all go through creative slumps. What about looking on Pinterest for some inspiration?

    I'm currently wearing a long sleeved tee, Uggs and my patterned leggings. It's the outfit I was shovelling the driveway in yesterday. (Well to be clear, with a Canada Goose coat, boots, ski gloves and toque.) So glam!


  3. Hi Jodi, Write down five adjectives you want your style to say...it is all about the messages you want to communicate. Then begin to build that story. You do not have to spend a ton of money to do this. Consistency with the messages helps to build a personal style, a functional wardrobe, and confidence. You have so many great pieces that I have seen over time...you just need to focus on what it is you want to say.

  4. Wow, thanks for the most helpful comments from all 3 of you!! Much appreciated and Pam, i will for sure take you up on this exercise as I can see that this will help ALOT! love ya's xoxo J

  5. Funny how these blogs inspire and also make us throw stuff away! I've cut many photos and instantly donated the thing I was wearing that I hated seeing on me. It's a lot of work sometimes. There's something about taking photos that makes us see more critically of ourselves. I would maybe make a suggestion of deciding what are your 4 colors you love the most. I add touches of that on top of neutrals. They give me a punch once in a while.