Monday, March 16, 2015

Favorite little jacket

I know. I know. You thought, there she goes and posts a bunch of blog entries then disappears again! Sorrrrrryyyyyyy :(  I went off and did my trail race then last week was crazy at work and I fell off the fashion wagon and neglected to document my throw-together outfits!

All is well. My ultra distance trail race last weekend was fantastic! We had great weather and a great time overall then we went away on a little vacation to visit in-laws and do some skiing.

I love love love this little jacket and always feel good when I wear it. I had two random people tell me they loved my outfit today too so thats always a bonus :)   As you can tell I was also rockin the gangsta chain :)

Hope you had a super start to your week!


  1. Now you *have* to jump on the back of my motorcycle! You've dressed the part.

    Glad your athletic endeavors were fun. You lead an exciting life. Wish I was closer to root on the sidelines. I could wear my cheerleader-outfit and jump up and down shouting your name!

  2. I can see why you were complimented. You look like you have the body of a Greek Goddess wearing this. Shows off all your great curves.