Monday, January 19, 2015

No Karate Chop Here

The days I take the car to work for meetings is great because I can wear pencil skirts and higher heels.  Pencil skirts on a bike don't usually work out too well I have found. However, this is definitely not a skirt I can do karate chops or kicks in. Its pencil alright.  And I love it.  I think I'd definitely be more stylish if I had to commute by bus or car. I'd do my hair up nice and wear impractical things.  Ha ha thats just not me though. I love riding my bike and feeling the wind in my hair. I just have to deal with helmet head when I get to work and what to do with my mop.

On another note I don't think I'll pair these boots with this skirt again, I think they're too clunky for a pencil skirt, probably would have been better with tighter fitting boots or some nice shoes. Oh well.  Note to self for next time.

What is your favorite way of getting to work (walk, bus, car, bike, etc??).


  1. I love pencil skirts...they just really flatter every body. This one looks perfect. But, I agree...not good on a bike!

  2. I know what you mean. I didn't realize how constricting pencil-skirts are until I wore one. Also, in the real-world, I share your situation with helmet-hair. Riding my motorcycle to work makes me barely presentable, so I avoid it on days when I have to meet clients. Smart choice to wear different boots with this skirt; the clunky ones don't work as well as sleeker ones will.

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