Monday, January 12, 2015

Classic B&W

Happy Monday!  I'm getting back in the groove with outfit posting (yes, I tell myself. yes!).

Do you ever buy something and when you try it on, LOVE it and even think "I should get one in another color as well", then take it home, wear it a few times and think " what a stupid..<fill in the blank...> I wish I never bought this".

I bought these pants (on sale)-- first mistake.  And they are low waisted (which are on my no no list) so I bought them (because they were on sale).  A. They pick up white cat hair worse than a piece of duct tape would, B. because they are low waisted and aren't the best for me to begin with, they look terrible from the side and  get all baggy around the bum after a few hours.  AND you wouldn't really be able to see t--I do my best to hide it.

LESSON- maybe it IS true that its best not to buy things just because they are on sale AND its better to pay more money for well fitting clothing (have less but higher quality and better fit).

This weekend I also did a major clean and took a HUGE bag of clothing to the thrift store-- all the stuff I complain about and then wear again. GONE.  One item included was this striped top and come to think of it I should have added those white pants to the thrift bag as well!

Anyway, onward ho!


  1. I learned this lesson. It was hard but I did it. Good for you to achieve the insight. And kudos for getting your blogging-groove back!

  2. LOL.. thanks Ralphy :) I think I'll sell these pants at a consignment store :)