Thursday, June 19, 2014

Simple Purple and Skinny Jeans

A simple day in the office. I started out dressed like this- was about the leave the house then it started raining so threw on a bright pink little cardi and a flowery wraparound scarf. So much for sleeveless.That's okay, sometimes I wonder how appropriate it is to wear sleeveless in the office anyway.

What do you think of sleeveless tops at the office? Yah or Nah?


  1. I am not comfortable in sleeveless at the office, but If I was toned like you...I might feel differently. My husband works for one of the largest employers in the nation, and he actually commented last week how many women were now wearing sleeveless to the office. He asked my opinion...he thinks it is the influence of the First lady, Michelle Obama. told him I think more women are working out and confident about their arms. I think it is more professional to throw on a jacket or cardigan...but you certainly look great, Jodi!

  2. I'm not qualified to answer your question. I just want to say that I have a top just like yours only it looks so good on you and so bleech on me. Life ain't fair! :-)