Friday, May 2, 2014

Coral TShirt

I ate  2 breakfasts this morning. Why you ask?  I had a piece of sprouted grain toast with almond butter at 5am then swam 8.5 km at the pool. Came home. Made steelcut oats and ate them with the canned peaches we made last summer and some almonds. Then made a killer decaf americano (I drink these black).  Then off to work I went. I had a bunch of coffee meetings and since Friday is casual day I wore my jeans and tshirt with this cute new scarf.  I actually found this scarf at London Drugs of all places and it was on sale so I scooped it up in attempt to get a little more girly stuff in my wardrobe.  

I don't know if you noticed though (I hadn't) that I am still wearing my sport watch.  It wasn't until the end of the day when I met with my coach that he pointed it out and laughed and said " you know your'e an athlete when you wear your sport watch all day". hah ha.  I have a GPS in this watch however so its very cool to train with- nice to track my mileage and download the stats at the end of the work outs- it shows you a map of elevation and everything.

Anyway, I love this coral color and will look for more of it!!  Happy Weekend. I am off to ride 200 km on Saturday as part of my training. Fingers crossed for blue skies :)

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  1. Coral looks fabulous on you and the scarf is perfect. I like that your playing more with femininity.