Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling Frisky

 My apologies. Its been awhile!  My mom was visiting which was awesome- we hit all the thrift stores and new stores and grocery stores and liquor stores and beaches, etc :)  Seriously, we had a super time and I love my mom tons.  Training has been taking up alot of time this season since I am going to be running several ultra races.  I have a 60 km cross country run coming up soon so have been putting in alot of milage for that.  2 hour run in the morning, 2 hour run after work.  My calves are starting to look pretty hot if I don't say so myself :)  Maybe will show you sometime.

I did a sock bun today since I wasn't commuting to work by bike.  I love high buns and this one turned out not too bad. I need more practice to perfect it.  This is the conundrum.  I commute to work by bike so its hard to do a nice hairdo that you can actually wear under the helmet.  Since I also then use the bike to go downtown for meetings during the day its not like I want to be doing my hair up all fancy again each time I go somewhere.  What is a girl to do?  I end up just wearing my hair plain which is totally boring.    

Anyway, as if this is really anything important anyway when there's way worse things happening in the world.

I hope you are all well.  I'm taking off on a 360 km ride this weekend. Its our annual 360 ride. We ride 180 km up, spend the night in a hotel and then ride home the next day.  There will be about 25 of us going. I love it and its one of my favorite rides so should be fun.

Thats it for now. Over n out.


  1. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, Jodi! I love it!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous outfit. It's visually arresting and suits you perfectly.

    I have the same problem with helmet-hair when on my motorcycle, but my hair isn't as cute as yours.

  3. I love this look...that skirt is fantastic :)
    Have a great ride...that sounds like fun!