Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Green and Leopard

Its cold out and I have to ride my bike so I dress for riding comfort.  And look at the mess our house is with all the boxes everywhere?  Moving day is soon approaching and I'm getting more and more eager. I also happened to snap a cat ACTION shot by accident. She is moving so fast her head is blurred.  Luckily the other one is slow so I can use her nice white fur as a background. She in actual fact DID used to be a cat model when she was young.  She was kindof a big deal. Now she's retired and abit overweight and living a simple life with us.

Gotta run, the chicken is burning in the frying pan :)


  1. Fashionable and attractive outfit. And really, a cat model?? How cool. Does she still give interviews?

  2. I love this look on your Jodi and it is one of my favorite combinations...leopard and olive! Great skirt!

  3. aww thanks!! yes, Vinity, the former cat model does in deed do interviews for treats. She likes heart shaped low protein cat treats to keep her slim (well.. as her weight loss program dictates :)