Saturday, December 14, 2013

Album Cover?

I met a friend for coffee on Friday. Well, actually I met her because her mom and dad hired me to be the photographer at her grandmas 90th bday which is pretty cool. No pressure. Yeah Right!!

Anyway, it was fun to do the photoshoot and quite challenging as well.  I met with my friend for coffee and to give her the CD of photos.  She had a great outfit on and of course I had my camera so we headed down to a new graffti wall in town.  I liked this impromtu photo because it made me think of some old vinyl album cover.  Not sure what kind of music we would be playing though :)  Maybe I would be a jazz singer. Yeah. That sounds like me in my next life :)


  1. You're definitely the singer -- pretty and out in front. I'd buy this album!

  2. Great shot and style...have a good week ahead, Jodi!