Saturday, July 13, 2013

Black Attack

Why helloo!!! its been awhile!  Since the Diner en Blanc (last post) my training has ramped up and we have been basically getting up, going swimming, going to work, come home to change, go out for our evening workout and then eat and bed.  I have hardly had time to think about outfits-- it's been grab and go and fingers crossed I look good!! LOL  Anyway, life is awesome and I bought a few pairs of shorts I can wear to work since it's finally getting more hot around here!!

Not the greatest photos this time around but can't be perfect all the time right:)

Hope you are all well!!  and ps. I LOVE WEARING ALL BLACK!!  How bout you? Do you feel good in black?


  1. Black flatters everyone. And we bikers think it's cool. Enjoy your training!