Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hotel Lighting

Hello all!!  Reporting live from eastern Canada and from my hotel room.  I am currently reading a book on photography lighting techniques so am reading up and practicing with the lights in my room.  It was SO cold today while walking around- I had to buy some fuzzy gloves and wrap my scarf up real tight.  I must have walked about 10 km today exploring and hence I am wearing comfy clothes and boots.  The new style this year seems to be shorty tops and sweaters, boxy cuts- and its next to impossible to find longer tunic-style tops, which are the ones that suit me the most.  Any places you have seen this kind of thing you can recommend?

Hope all is well!! xoxo Jodi


  1. I love your boots!
    That's the problem when cropped tops come in style...everything is made cropped, which isn't the most flattering length for me either...specially when knocked up..haha!

  2. hope you are staying warm! love your green and purple combo.
    Chic on the Cheap