Thursday, November 1, 2012

Backdrops for your Photos

Photo source:
Someone sent me a link to this site the other day, its about portrait photography and I saw this post on color and backdrops and thought it was interesting.  When I first started blogging one of the things that I was excited about was the photography aspect of it, especially since I had just gotten what I call my BIG CAMERA.  I searched out colorful and interesting backdrops.  I loved it. Well. Then we lost our parking at work and I could no longer bring my car with the camera and tripod everyday.  I didn't much want to pack it to work on my bike or walking and so haven't had as much access to going for a drive at lunchtime to eat my packed lunch and scope out fun sites.  I even have a running list of great locations for future reference. For example, I was in chinatown the other day and I just happened to notice this tiny alcove that is painted an incredible purple color. My first thought was " That would make an awesome backdrop".  So I added it to my list.  *Side note: Evernote is awesome as an app on your iphone for this kind of stuff :)

Anyway, back to the resource link I was talking about: How to Choose the Right Backdrop Color for your Portrait.

QUESTION: What is your routine for taking outfit photos?


  1. I need your list! Backdrops are the thing I lack most in my pictures. Thanks for the link.

    1. Hey Ralph.
      just keep a note pad in your car or bag/case and when you are out and about and see great park settings, or colorful walls keep track of them and then maybe one day you will have the perfect outfit for the walls.

      Graffiti walls are fun, same as colored garage doors.. but then again.. why would you listen to me, I havent even been using these creative backdrops lately myself.. heh heh

  2. Love the idea of doing something cool for interior backdrops, especially because it's pouring rain here all the time in Vancouver!

    Alexandra xo

  3. A white sheet on the wall in the house is sometimes fun too.. I played around with that as a backdrop but ended up knocking over a lamp and busting it so never did it again.. heh heh

  4. I find the list interesting as I have been also looking for nice backdrops in my little studio. Great idea!