Saturday, August 18, 2012

Training Adventure


Happy Friday ( I posted this Friday and for some dumb reason it was in my drafts folder by accident)!! I thought I would give you a snapshot of some of what went on during our hardcore training camp a couple of weeks ago.. Drove up into the interior of BC where its fruit growing and wine country.Very nice, very HOT!! We pigged out on cherries (only to be sorry the next day if you know what I mean :)! Day One we were supposed to do a long ride and I ended up breaking a spoke and having to take it into the local bike shop to get replaced. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. It was about 30-36 degrees most days which is really hot for us here in BC. So hot in fact that we stopped after our ride and bought a big bottle of ice cold coke zero. Now, you would normally NEVER see me drinking something like this but boy I felt like a kid in a candy shop.. YUM just the pick-me-up I needed!!

As you can see, Day Five was a swim and run. Leaving from the giant peach and all. Then sushi dinner before our BIG ride of 180km plus 11 km of extreme hill= 191 of calorie burning machines!! Sushi is our tradition before any long ride and the night before a race. Last photo of ONE of the SEVEN rollers we rode. Long, up and down, windy, hot, lots of squashed gophers on the roadside to dodge.. oh and I almost hit a bear also- that is a whole other story.

All in all we put in over 500 km, ran over 12 hours of mileage and swam about 6 km in 6.5 days. We felt very strong when we came back- so strong in fact, I placed 3rd in a triathlon I did only 2 days back from camp. Gotta love it!!

Thanks a brief glimpse into my world and now you can probably see why I haven't had alot of time for outfit photos (nice fancy outfits anyway :)



  1. When I grow up, Jodi...I want to be just like you!! As previously said, you are very inspiring!