Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jeans and Strawberries

Hump Day. Interesting start to the middle of the week. I had the cutest white skirt and blue and white top on with a red belt today. Very nautical looking and cute if you ask me :).  Get to work. Was there about 20 minutes and had a wardrobe malfunction big enough to warrant having to come home and get changed. EGADS!! So, since I don't have meetings outside of the office I threw on some jeans, my favorite pair by David Bitton.  Those jeans fit me best out of any I have ever found.  Anyway, then I noticed that a bunch of the strawberries from our garden needed picking so I got busy.  I then made an awesome salad with organic greens, strawberries and pecans along with a left over piece of sockeye salmon to take back for  my lunch. Talk about YUM.

What did you have for lunch today?


  1. Uhm. WOW! You look super hot in that first photo.

  2. I guess if I could look like you in jeans, I will eat more strawberries and salmon!! You are a great advertisement for health!!

  3. Nom to the grilled food and sorry to hear about the wardrobe malfunction!

  4. wardrobe malfunctions at the office are never fun but it looks like you recovered quite nicely

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  5. You eat like I eat. I love good, natural food.

    And your expression in the first picture is amusing (to me, anyway).