Monday, February 13, 2012

Pink Tights Black Tunic

Yes, I look like Peter Pan with pink tights today!!  I'm wearing a tight black sweater dress underneath and I threw this lightweight sweater on as outer wear.. well, then I needed a belt and scarf and it morphed into this outfit.  As you can also see, I am going from short to medium length hair and now need ideas for how to wear it up since long hair drags my face down.  I LOVE the beehive look so am exploring ideas like that - I also have a date with a friend who is amazing with hairstyles and we will do a trade: I take some updated photos of her and she gives me some new hairstyle ideas!! I can't wait!! Now I just need someone t o give me some eye makeup tips!!

Back into our training full swing. After a hard 4 hour bike ride on Saturday and 2 hour run on Sunday my legs were too dead for swimming this morning.!!!

What about you-- what kind of exercise are you getting these days???


  1. Love, Love Loving the scarf!!

    Lovely... HEY if your coming into the city for the Home & Garden Show, stop by the site and enter to WIN your way there.


  2. Ooohhh!! Great outfit. Love the belt and tights. You look as special as I know you are.

  3. Great look, jodi! Love the colored tights... The question is a stickler for me these days. Over the holidays, I became a real couch potatoe in front of the computer...I told someone I had bloggers butt!! I have got to get moving again....I have put on weight and feel tired! So, for the last week I have walked every day but one and done a light workout with weights....I know it is only one week, but it is a start and I try to look at it one day at a time. Of course, today there was a Valentine's feast for teachers and now I am stuffed, but I plan to walk after I get home later. Baby steps...but this must become a routine in my life. Any advice??