Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have Tripod will Travel

Hi from my hotel room.  I have this new little tripod.. one of those Gorilla pods- I bought it while traveling in China for like $3.00 (sooo cheap). AND I'm not yet convinced its that great for my outfit photos... First, it is JUST barely strong enough to hold my camera and lens, and then, I find it difficult to set it up portrait style so my camera is sideways for full length shots.  Any suggestions?  I have tried hanging from something, or attaching it to ie. lamp post but haven't had alot of luck!  I noticed it also depends on the lens I am using too (the fixed lens doesnt work as well- too close).  (yes  and some blurred photos.. urgh!)

As for the outfit --I had a presentation to deliver so wanted to look alittle 'business-like".  Yes and a bun like Little House on the Prairies :)

Am off to explore more Winterlude here in Ottawa- there are some amazing ice sculptures all around the city.  Here's a few examples (I took these last night.. so impressive!!)  Happy Tuesday xoxo J


  1. Love the grey boots: very sassy. And the green skirt is stylish.

    Using a camera without a tripod is very hard; sounds like your little tripod is barely adequate. I'd invest in a better tripod: they have them in all sizes (including small). Cheap is rarely satisfactory.

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Beautiful sculptures. I have one of those mini-pods too, but I haven't actually used it very much or when i did, I always had to square up the photos.

  3. Great skirt,love the color
    no help on the tripod dilemma :(
    Cool ice sculptures

  4. i love the argyle stockings peaking out. very cute.