Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Transit

Well Helllooooo. I am in transit so all you get is a photobooth photo today.  I am wearing my blue sweater and black and white skirt and my favorite and very worn out black patent pointy toed sling backs.

Meetings for the next 3 days, I just got off my flight, checked into the hotel and am in a coffee shop waiting to go to the office for my meetings.  I then have a leadership course for the weekend. We will be doing alot of collaging during this course so I am super excited about that.  We do make vision boards but we make alot of other kind of collages too so I have been collecting tons of magazines (national geographics, fashion mags, Life, Wired, Travel mags, etc).  I will share some of my stuff as I create it.

Hope you all have a super day. I have my camera so do intend to get some photos during my time outside of the busy-ness!!!  Happy Thursday my Lovelies!!

And YES I do know that photobooth is not the most flattering!! but hey, some Jodi Unplugged is good right? The Rough Cut!!  heh heh

xoxo Jodi


  1. Wow you sound super busy! Hope you do manage to relax a little :) xo

  2. have a great trip!! you are wearing one of your best you should feel great!!

  3. wow i agree with getrude, with being so busy dont forget to take time out for your self and have fun! :)

    xo Nav

  4. Nooo, you look great! You cut your hair right? :)))
    Have a great and productive 3 days over there, take care of yourself and come back safe and sound.