Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brown Leopard

Not the most flattering photos today. I was in  hurry and am not too happy with the results, but you get the outfit idea anyway.  Swam this morning, hard drills. My arms are tired today. And my legs after last nights killer Time Trial Hill Ride. We had to ride up a huge hill as fast as we could. UGH!

I love these shoes, they are comfortable and almost completely worn out. I googled ebay for others  but haven't been able to find them. Guess its time for something new. Of course. Something new is always nice (even if it's thrifted!!)

I have to go to a meeting now so will catch y'all later!! Love and HUGS!! xoxo J


  1. love your shoes! you look great!

  2. The skirt is flattering, so dont worry...its really cute!!

  3. I own some very similar shoes (although it's a bit hard to tell, where's the detail shot!!?!?), and never wear them because they're a tad too big.
    If you're a size 8 you may be in luck!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  4. What are you saying about non-flattering photos???? You look great! Roarrrrrrr! The skirt is very flattering on you and I love the brown top as well...!
    About matching shoes and bag..I NEVER match them! I actually avoid it...For example yesterday, first day at work, I wore my taupe oxfords...I had a pair of the same brown as the bag but it looked so know? I even took my outfits pictures with the brown ones only to realize when I put on my blazer, grabbed the bag and looked n the mirror that I have to change them :(

  5. thought of you as i was writing my post today
    i am wearing aqua giraffe!

  6. I love everything about the skirt: the print, the cut and the length! I also love that you paired it with a simple tee. Shoes are great too! Perfect!