Monday, May 23, 2011

day2day activities

I was inspired by Katherines recent posts about Greece, where she used to live, and some of the DIY projects she is working on at her house.  I thought I would give you a glimpse into my day2dayactivities to  be the companion to my day2daywear :).  If you find it boring, well, I am not offended and I hope you still drop by to see my weekly outfits!

We had a long weekend this weekend so lots of time to do great things this weekend:
We eat as healthy as possible. Lots of organic, homemade, raw foods. While I don't eat dairy myself, Fiance made homemade camembert cheese that is almost ready.

We went had a BBQ on Friday night, with organic free range chicken, grilled zucchini, sweet potato and red peppers, along with organic baby greens salad with mung bean sprouts (we sprout our own).
On Saturday I made 2 raw foods recipes: energy balls with spirulina and raw brownies... both recipes are AMAZING (let me know if you want the recipes I am happy to send to you). They mainly consist of nuts and dried dates, raisins and coconut.  I take these babies on my long bike rides for energy.
You would never know this is not a regular brownie.. I am SERIOUS! You have to try it.. see the fork is ready for you :)
Sunday we went for a drive up island to explore the old growth forest and to see the big old trees that are hundreds of years old. Stopped at some great sites along the way.
Not only is this tree HUGE, I also look pretty big!!! (I had about 3 layers on!! and not exactly good posture in this one :(  LOL). BUT this is still Jodi Unplugged so thats okay RIGHT???

And for today I went for a long bike ride and then went downtown to take photos of the Victoria Day parade.
And now, after I have finished off the day with weeding the rest of the garden, I sit, feet up, and relax reading my book (is halfway finished since last week-- Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult).  And then have dinner and pack my stuff for swimming tomorrow and get my lunch made.. bed by 9pm.

See ya tomorrow with daily outfit!! Welcome to my world!! It was a great week off and relaxing long weekend. Thank you powers that be!! I feel refreshed and ready to go!!  xoxo Jodi


  1. Homemade cheese is pretty impressive! These pictures were fun to see.

  2. Loved all the pictures...feel like I have been there!

  3. Those brownies look amazing! Actually all the food looks delicious :) Could I get the recipe for the brownies please?

  4. You had me at brownie! Love all the pictures, cute dog, good food, gorgeous backgrounds!

  5. glad you had nice long weekend! and that brownie looks so yummy!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Oh! I never thought i could inspire someone like that! :) I'm honored. Thank you so much sweetie.
    I think it's important to keep a blog, even a fashion one, authentic. People are intrigues to get to know you better, because that's what will differentiate you from the others. So I think it's totally ok NOT to post about fashion every single day. And it's a must to see someone "unplugged" as you say. :)
    I often feel the same way about you when reading through your posts! Like I TOTALLY understand what you're trying to SHOULD visit Greece. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With the best food and weather. :)
    About your pictures! So cool you guys do your own cheese! An I wants the recipe of them brownies! The photographs of the parade and people around it are PROFESSIONAL, really, the are PERFECT!!!!! Love them.

  7. Nice to see you having a very relaxing day out!

  8. Wow. Your photos are amazing today! Especially of the parade. You are so talented!

  9. Great photos. And you sound happy. I'm glad!

  10. Amazing photography skills!


  11. You had me at homemade camembert. Yum. Great to see what you're up to, that's one of the best things about blogging, getting to share people's lives and see them off-duty. Looks like you had fun.

  12. You should post those recipes. I love brownies, and I would love to try a raw one.

  13. I would love to have the recipe for the raw brownies please!