Saturday, February 5, 2011

Remix 5: Field of Dreams

Yabba dabba dooooo. Okay, did any of you watch Skooby Doo when you were younger? Well, I was almost too young to remember it but you get the point. I love the saying Yabba Dabba Doooo, just sounds fun and whacky if you ask me. Thats how I felt out on the field in this wind.. You can tell my hair is all crazy, but HEY> remember my Friend Friday answers about blogging events?  I am a fashion fraud anyway so its not like I need to pretend I am some supermodel. Here you get me in the raw. Good ol bags under my eyes and crazy hair and everything. JODI UNPLUGGED!!

Yes I have a black top in my Winter 30/30 Remix. And I am now officially coining the term 30/30 ON THE FLY. Thats what I did this week is make up my outfits as I went so now at the end of the week I have a bunch of items I have to figure out how to remix and what to add to them.... hmmmmm maybe I could have a reality show??? Kendi is the GOOD example of how to do the remix and I am the alter ego renegade!! LOL, not like I am up there like Kendi or anything.. little ol me from my corner of Canada.  A girl can dream though, right??

Remix items: skinny jeans, black tunic, black boots

I am such a renegade I have 2 days of remix items not photographed or posted so now I have to do a mock day and shoot those outfits... oh the work involved in being a blogger... I know if I don't post I will have angry emails about how I am trying to cheat etc, so I will catch up on this asap!!! LOL, I AM KIDDING OF COURSE.. and please, no angry emails.. hah hah.

How's YOUR Remix going???

Off for my 4 hour bike ride as part of my training. Over n out lovelies.... MWAH xoxo Jodi


  1. This is an outfit I would wear if I had it here...well maybe not the skinny jeans...but I love the top, scarf and boots and, of course, the fun!! Enjoy the bike ride!

  2. Hahaha...loving the fun pics....the last is my very fav:) Black is long as you wear MORE than black..and you have totally been "kickin" this challenge so I wouldnt let it bother you a look fab as always..i watched that show..hated it, lol:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Let’s Rock the 30x30 Remix..check it out!!♥

  3. You look fab in black and purple! I'm sort of doing the remix on the fly myself. I tried picking them out the night before the remix started, and by 2 am, I still couldn't make up my mind. So, I thought to myself, the heck with it. We'll just have to do this as we go along :)


  4. I love your attitude! Your joy is infectious.

  5. Love the tunic over the skinny jeans and it has great sleeves. I can't imagine trying to do the remix on the fly - I am too much of a planner myself.

    Hope you enjoyed your ride.

  6. Your first photo is awesome and that one with the windblown hair is AWESOME! you are a dork! Seriously! I love it!!!! I think I'm gonna follow you one day when you're taking your photos. hee hee

  7. Yabba Dabba Delicous! If you ever get bored with your tripod, and want to change it up with a body behind the camera, let me know! Love these photos, wind swept beauty.

  8. I love the third picture. I imagine it's how you look swimming. I didn't do the remix because I was afraid I would be too lazy, and I think I'm right. Mine would have been on the fly, and then some. The tunic is pretty. Have a great weekend!
    My Heart Blogged

  9. I love the photos of you leaning forward! Very natural, and thats a good thing.xx.

  10. Yabba dabba dooooo is what Fred Flintsone said in the Flintsones. Scooby doo said "scooby dooby doooo"!! lol I'm too old for this.

  11. Very nice pics the first one is hilarious.
    I didn't do the remix...I all ready remix my clothes and I am addicted to shopping, lol.
    I am interested to see what you come up with on the fly though...good luck. :)

  12. oh ya... thanks for the comment about Fred Flintstone. .thats totally right, how did I get this mixed up?? funny!! anyway, glad someone (anonymous) pointed this out!!! LOL

  13. Enjoy the bike ride! Sounds like some serious training.

  14. You are always so damn chic!! Man how hot you are in all that black!! It always works!!!!
    I love how I can see your personality in all of your photos too!!
    And you are a remix master!!!!


  15. Jodi, I hate to be a bubble buster but Fred Flinstone said Yabba Dabba Doooo, not Scooby Doo!
    Anyway~ I love your fun pics and always am a fan of that scarf.
    Have fun on your bike ride!!!

  16. Lol! I exempted myself from remixing on weekends because with two season passes, a new snowboard, the roof rack, the snow tires... you get the drift, I should be snowboarding every weekend. But guess what? Frickin' heatwave over here! So I just tool around in my loungies and putz around the house...