Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Outfit: THE jacket

 I got this jacket for $5 at a thrift store. It's leather, fits like a glove. Good price.  NOT my color.  I thought I could get it dyed chocolate brown but the guy I took it too just said "ah, it ain't worth it" . I thought I would wear it anyway and just wear it with scarves that are my color and detract from the color of the jacket.   Jewelry pic of today's fav accessories.  The earrings I have had for about 15 years and are from an ex-boyfriend who was a total idiot  but had good taste in jewelry! LOL.

Question for you ladies:  Should I get rid of the jacket? Is it a total puke color on me? Any ideas for how to DIY dye leather?


  1. I dont mind the color at all! But a $5 if you can dye it to something you would get more use out of I say DO IT.

    Maybe go with a DIY of embellishment?

    or like this:

    I think you could totally pull off some rocker studds? What do you think?

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    Yours Truly

  2. Whoa.. thats a cool idea.. I would never had considered.. thanks Lahteadah!! The leather guy said that because of the lining in the jacket it was too finicky to die it... humph!

  3. never mind the jacket! I am in LOVE with the purple scarf! Good for you for wearing Purple today. Me too. me too! and get rid of the jacket? No. Wear a great colour under it and a great colour over it and bob's your uncle!!

  4. Wow what a great deal on the jacket! I don't think the colour is that bad on you at all. The purple scarf adds a nice pop of colour, but even without it, you would be ok I believe :)

  5. Well I really like that jacket a lot! And I dont think the color is bad at all. How sad is it that I didnt even know that you could dye leather!??

  6. I like the jacket, and the scarf looks great with it.

  7. Don't pitch it! I agree with the first comment - maybe a little DIY embellishment. But I do like it on you - the color looks great in these pictures - especially with the scarf.

  8. Id keep it for sure....I think its a beauty with LOTS of possibilities!!! Love your boots and jeans doll....

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  9. At its nominal price, the jacket was worth picking up and now you can play with altering it without fear of how it turns out.

    My suggestion would be to find other items to affect the way it looks by contrasting its color like you did with the scarf. On its own, the jacket's color isn't great but in combination with other colors, it could be attractive. I'd experiment with bold dark hues.

  10. I've dyed leather gloved before..and they turned out fine...and if dyeing it doesn't work you're only out $5 plus the cost of dye..
    What is the fibre content of the lining for it to be an issue?

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