Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daily Outfit: Heading to Paradise


Hi friends!!  Today I am busy packing for our trip to Kona!! Woo Hoo.  Fiance is competing in the Ironman World Championship there- for anyone who doesn't know, its a day long race that includes 2.4 mile swim followed by 112 mile ride followed by 26.2 mile run.  We both did Ironman Canada this year and he placed 2nd in his age category (there were 2700 athletes!!) as well as qualifying to race in the World Championships.  We have been to Kona for this race before, this time I am just there as a spectator.  I am going to be reporting live :) from Kona, Hawaii so stay tuned for more outfit fun from a tropical location in a few days from now.  I will wave to you all as we fly over!!!  Be good and keep looking good til then. xoxox j


  1. Hey you....have a fabulous time..and dont forget to wave to my yearly vacation spot in Oahu.....Ill miss you...and I look forward to your Hawaiian posts:)


    PS...super cool coloring in the photo....Id TOTALLY take that blouse to wear on the island for one of the dinners:)

  2. Hope you have a great trip!!
    This blouse is quite pretty..and I Love what you did with the photo colour!

  3. Can't wait to see some outfits with beautiful scenery in the background!

  4. Awww! Have an amazing trip!!! Can't believe your dude is doing the Ironman!!! Awesome!!! Can't wait to see your outfits as well!


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  6. That's so exciting, best of luck to him :)

    You look absolutely fabulous!!!


  7. Wow. That race sounds so intense. Have a great time!

  8. Gorgeous top! That is going to be such a tough race, but very exciting!!