Friday, January 24, 2014


Everytime I wear this skirt I think "I'm going to make  this into a pillow cover".  This is the kind of skirt I have had for years and it started off longer and more A shaped.  I have taken it in at the waist, shortened it, narrowed the A shape of it.  And now I keep thinking I don't really like it and one day will make a cushion cover out of it because I like the polka dots.  One day. Maybe.  I AM excited that theres more room at the new house so I can set up my sewing machine and work on projects (one day when I have time :)

And see my new leather boots?  $200 on sale and with my store card ended up being $50!! I love those kinds of deals and just wait til you see the other ones I bought.  I DID promise myself I would let go of 2 pairs of old boots so I have pulled out my red ones to take to consignment since I barely wear them and they are abit too small and hurt my feet anyway.

What do you think... when you buy something new should you get rid of something at the same time?


  1. Great boots. Vibrant top. Fun earrings. You're the kind of chic gal I'd love to hang out with.

  2. HA! And I was thinking the skirt is adorable, especially when paired with the vibrant red sweater. At least it sounds like you've gotten a lot of use out of it over the years. - katy